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WHY MEN WEAR THONG Sep 28, 2022 When people hear the word “thongs,” most of them automatically think of women’s underwear. Some are not aware that men’s thong are also available. Not only are they accessible, but they are gaining in popularity. More and more men are opting to wear this type of underwear. Thongs offer many benefits to...
Why Men Need to Wear Underwear Sep 11, 2022 Going commando can be quite liberating and comfortable. Many men prefer this over wearing grundies. However, what many do not realise is that going commando carries some risks. Furthermore, it takes away the benefits of wearing underwear. Which Type of Underwear is Right for You? There are many different types of men’s...

Jockport is an online shops for men’s underwear, activewear and men’s apparel.

we have made it our mission to share our passion for men’s underwear via an online shopping experience that’s convenient, simple and fun.

Jockport provide a wide range of men’s brief, men’s boxer, men’s jockstrapand men’s thong. With the fashion ranging from stylish, timeless, sexy, provacative and functional. Our aim is to offer something to satisfy every men’s taste

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