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Swimwear for Men

Jockport carries a wide range of mens swimwear styles Whether you're looking for bikini swimwear for men to give minimal tanlines, boardshorts for surfing, or a stylish pair of men's square cut swimming trunks that work equally as well for streetwear, Jockport offers a mens swimwear style for every occasion. This summer, rock a stylish mens swimsuit at the beach. If you love pattern, color, or simple solid color swimsuits for men, there's a wide selection to choose from.

Swim Bikinis for Men

Even briefer than swim briefs, men's bikini swimwear feature a low rise and narrow sides. This sexy men's swimwear style is low on coverage, which makes it great for the active swimmer and for tanning. Often thought of as a European swimwear style, this mens swimwear silhouette is starting to see a surge of popularity in North America.

Swim Shorts for Men

Men's swimming shorts are the most classic mens swimwear style available at Freshpair. More modest than mens bikini swimwear and more sophisticated than the boardshort, men's swim shorts typically hit in the middle of the thigh for a flattering full coverage look. Designer swimwear brands are often creating more tailored bathing suits for men, so you can expect a more modern, mature look than you might find on most department store swimwear racks.

Square Cut Swim Trunks for Men

Men's swim trunks provide full coverage with a tight fit and fun selection of prints and colors. Swimming trunks are a classic style that have recently been updated with a lower rise, modern fabrics and prints. Most of the best mens swimwear brands are creating their own versions of this sleek swim style. Check out brands like Diesel swimwear, parke & ronen, and Emporio Armani swimwear, just to name a few.

Boardshorts for Men

Boardshorts are longer in length, usually hitting closer to the knee. If volleyball or surfing is your game, boardshorts are a great option. Many boardshort styles today feature pockets so you can store keys, etc. while having fun in the sun. Avoid baggy board shorts that are too long and opt for more tailored men's boardshorts. Boardshorts remain one of the more popular men's swimwear styles in the U.S.

Swim Briefs for Men

Typically men's swim briefs have wider sides than bikini swimwear for men, and offer just a bit more coverage. This sporty style has long been a favorite among professional swimmers and confident beach-goers alike. These tight swimsuits for men are great for swimmers because they reduce drag. A favorite among men's swimsuit designers, swim briefs for men are becoming a popular men's swimwear style.
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