Why Men Need to Wear Underwear

Going commando can be quite liberating and comfortable. Many men prefer this over wearing grundies. However, what many do not realise is that going commando carries some risks. Furthermore, it takes away the benefits of wearing underwear.

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Which Type of Underwear is Right for You?

There are many different types of men’s underwear. The type that fits you depends on your personal preference and the types of activities that you do. Among the most notable are:

  • Briefs: these provide the most support. Briefs are well-suited for those with an active lifestyle.
  • Boxer shorts: these are shorts that are worn as undergarments. Boxer shorts are loose and are usually quite comfortable.
  • Boxer briefs: these are for men who want the comfort of boxer shorts but the snug fit of briefs.
  • Others: there are other types aside from the three mentioned above, of course. These vary in terms of comfort and support.

Why is Underwear Necessary?

Going commando is indeed comfortable. However, the benefits of wearing underwear are too great to ignore. Some of these benefits include:

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1. They keep your outerwear clean.

Any substance that your body releases, whether they be solid or liquid, can stain your clothes. This can be a nightmare, especially if you’re wearing thin or light-coloured clothing. Anyone who’s ever had a bad case of diarrhoea outside the house would know what it’s like.

Fortunately, your underwear helps provide an extra barrier of cloth between your body and your clothing. Minor “accidents” should not be a problem since staining can be prevented by underwear.

2. Underwear helps your clothes last longer.

Your clothes are regularly exposed to the elements whenever you are out. Constant exposure can whittle away at their durability and eventually lead to damage.

Did you know that this also happens when clothes are in contact with your skin? Your bodily fluids, especially sweat, can destroy clothes. Wearing jocks makes sure that the sweat coming from your groin area is kept away from your outerwear. This helps in keeping them durable for much longer.

3. It keeps sensitive areas away from outerwear.

Outerwear isn’t always made of skin-friendly materials. This is especially the case for many men’s apparel. Denim jeans, for example, can be quite rough, tough, and abrasive on sensitive skin. The skin in the groin, genitals, and related areas are a lot more delicate than those in other parts. Wearing underwear can help protect your skin against the rough materials of your outerwear. This, in turn, prevents skin damage and abrasion.

4. It prevents chafing.

Sweating and skin abrasion can lead to chafing. If you have even had chafed inner thighs, then you would know how unpleasant this feeling is.

Wearing grundies provides an extra layer of protection between your thighs. It also helps keep sweat off of your skin. The protective layer and sweat absorbance both greatly help in preventing chafing.

5. It prevents stains on the skin.

Have you ever rubbed your palms on a fresh new pair of denim jeans? You may have noticed that your hands looked unusually blue afterwards. This blue stain can be quite a pain to remove.

Several outer wears contain dyes that can stain your skin. These dyes are usually harmless, but some people are allergic. Sensitive areas tend to be more affected in these cases. What’s more, these dyes can be a hassle to properly remove from your skin. Wearing underwear can help prevent staining of the groin area. This helps keep your skin safe and saves you the hassle of cleaning up.

6. It can help prevent infections.

Infections, no matter what type they are or where they happen, tend to be quite problematic. Those found in sensitive areas tend to be even more so. Improper hygiene or exposure to outside elements can cause infections. This is the primary reason why an underwear is crucial in preventing these from happening. 

Make sure that you prioritise wearing breathable fabrics and that you change underwear often. Using the wrong materials or not changing regularly can increase the likelihood of infections.

7. Underwear can help control sweat stains on outerwear.

Anyone who has ever experienced a sweltering hot day has experienced getting sweat stains on clothes. Sweat stains, depending on severity, tend to be quite unsightly. These can also emit odours, depending on certain conditions.

Some sweat stains can be quite embarrassing, especially those in the groin or buttock area. If you’ve ever gone commando on a hot day, you would know how this looks like. Fortunately, wearing jocks can help control sweat stains in these areas.

8. It can help clothes fit better.

Going commando in public while wearing tight clothing can be rather inappropriate. Similarly, going commando or wearing ill-fitting underwear may make clothing also look ill-fitting. This can be remedied by using the right-sized underwear. These are designed to help keep your private parts in appropriate positions relative to your outerwear.

Make sure that you always try matching your underwear with your outerwear before going out. This is for you to see if all the fits are appropriate.

9. Underwear gives excellent support.

Have you ever done strenuous activities while commando? If you have, you would know that it can be uncomfortable or outright painful. Just imagine running while commando or while wearing ill-fitting underwear. Briefs and trunks can give your privates proper support. This will allow you to do more activities safely.

10. It can prevent injuries.

Doing strenuous activities can also be rather risky if done while going commando. Impact forces, for example, can injure private parts if they are just hanging loose. Wearing undies can help reduce damage from impact. It can even prevent impact by reducing the shakes that the privates are subjected to while you move.

Make sure you get the proper pair to enjoy the benefits of underwear.

Not all underwear is created equal. If you want the best ones that you can get, go for Jockport. Our men’s undergarments go through several quality checks before we deliver them to you. Reap all the benefits of wearing underwear, but only use the best. 

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